New blog name: Sword & Pipette

When I created this blog, I needed a title, and quickly, which I knew would only be temporary.
I have finally come up with one I believe is a far better, and far more representative; Sword & Pipette!

This is probably the name I’ll stick to, but I’ll still throw in a poll; which one do you think is better?

Da jeg laget denne bloggen trengte jeg en tittel og det raskt, og jeg visste den mest sannsynlig bare ville være midlertidig. Jeg har endelig funnet et navn jeg liker bedre, og som jeg synes er langt mer representativt; Sword & Pipette

Dette er nok navnet jeg vil holde meg til, men jeg slenger inn en poll for det; hvilken tittel liker du best?



PS: Holiday post from Edinburgh coming soon!

PS: Snart kommer ferie-innlegget fra Edinburgh!


Another attempt at blogging

I’ve made a few attempts at blogging over the course of the years. My first blog did in fact stay active for a couple of years, another I lost interest in after a few months. Now, I decided to give it a go once more, and hopefully, this one will last.

“And who might you be?”, you may ask.

Hi! I’m Lise. I like B cells and dragons. I like paintbrushes and pipettes. I like listening to a good album, but sometimes the humming and rumble from the flow cytometer will have to do. I love cold, hard science, and worlds that never were. And I always love a good story.

I admire those who can write good red-line blogs; I know I never could, unless anything I could possibly care about is a red line in itself. I expect this blog to be a bit of serious and a bit of silly, a bit of truth, and a bit of imagination, a bit of word and a bit of image and of course, all of the above-mentioned. In.. Mostly English, but probably Norwegian too. Be warned, though, I’m not above incredibly lame puns and and inside-geek jokes that only I get.

Oh, and one last thing!

I, Lise, solemnly vow, I shall not neglect this blog.

I kind of have to do it now, right? Right..?

That’s it for now! Watch this space, and in the meanwhile, you can find me on Twitter!


Finally; to make your lives all the richer:


Okay, I lied.

THAT’S it for now!