Another attempt at blogging

I’ve made a few attempts at blogging over the course of the years. My first blog did in fact stay active for a couple of years, another I lost interest in after a few months. Now, I decided to give it a go once more, and hopefully, this one will last.

“And who might you be?”, you may ask.

Hi! I’m Lise. I like B cells and dragons. I like paintbrushes and pipettes. I like listening to a good album, but sometimes the humming and rumble from the flow cytometer will have to do. I love cold, hard science, and worlds that never were. And I always love a good story.

I admire those who can write good red-line blogs; I know I never could, unless anything I could possibly care about is a red line in itself. I expect this blog to be a bit of serious and a bit of silly, a bit of truth, and a bit of imagination, a bit of word and a bit of image and of course, all of the above-mentioned. In.. Mostly English, but probably Norwegian too. Be warned, though, I’m not above incredibly lame puns and and inside-geek jokes that only I get.

Oh, and one last thing!

I, Lise, solemnly vow, I shall not neglect this blog.

I kind of have to do it now, right? Right..?

That’s it for now! Watch this space, and in the meanwhile, you can find me on Twitter!


Finally; to make your lives all the richer:


Okay, I lied.

THAT’S it for now!