Who is Frostylva?

This is where I intend to write stuff about myself when I find the time and motivation to do so.

As for now:

My name is Lise, a 20-something Oslo-resident molecular biologist currently preoccupied by my master-thesis (Damn! That was a bit long, right?). I also harbour a deep passion for visual arts; mostly meddling in watercolour and various forms of drawing amateurism myself. I hear quite a lot that I might be geekiest person (and yes, I do in fact hear that) this person or that person happens to know. I blame the fact that my love for literature tends to steer heavily towards the fantastic end of the spectrum. The fact that I never shut my mouth about it, and do play my share of RPGs and boardgames doesn’t help, I guess.

This blog will mostly be about stuff regarding my science work and my hobbies, so expect a share of both swords and pipettes!


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